Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reflection: Enjoying myself as a Healthy Person

So, it looks like I will not be reaching my deadline of November 14th for losing 20 lbs - or rather 22 lbs now. For the second week in a row, I have gained weight. Approx. 2 lbs since I started this 12 week challenge. What the what!?

I'll admit that I certainly slipped up a bit on Sunday and Monday - but in no way should that have undone my good, healthy lifestyle I had been maintaining over the course of last week. I was active, ate the nutrient dense food, and really enjoyed myself as a healthy person!

What do I mean by "enjoying myself as a healthy person"?  I was in love with the fact that I would walk down to the grocery store to pick up my daily fresh vegetables, stocked up at the farmer's market, would take advantage of the nice weather and workout outside...etc. It made me feel not only "good", but empowered - like I can conquer this weight loss battle.

It doesn't matter what excuses I could give for the weight gain - what is more important to me is how disappointed I was in myself for gaining weight. When am I going to get off of this obsession with what the scale says, as opposed to how awesome I feel - like when i rocked out size 8 lululemon workout gear the other day! Or how great I felt when at the Farmer's Market I had a conversation with someone who was a "raw foodie". I felt not only like I could keep up with the convo, but that I could add to it.

I need to remind myself that small successes count - and will add up to big success in the end.

Here is my breakdown of what I think I need to do to get myself not just on track - but losing weight:

1. More intense workouts - I am really loving the splitting my workouts into 3x10 min sessions - but I need to amp up the intensity!

2. Cleaner eats, more aware of what I am eating.

3. Record my daily workouts and eats on the given TIU journal/recording page that you get if you sign up for the TIU Diet Plan.

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