Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gold Stars for Everyone: Rewarding Your Accomplishments

In my effort to lose 20 lbs in 3 months, I have decided that the only appropriate thing to do is to shower myself with rewards. Lots and lots of rewards.

It is important that you give credit where credit it is due. I think for all of us that have struggled with our weight, and continue to do so - we know how ecstatic just a single pound loss can be! We also know the sense of crushing defeat when we see the scale betray us, as it displays a number higher than we had hoped for.

Somewhere along the line, when the weight loss becomes slower, and you are finding yourself in a rut - you need to take action to motivate yourself. Certainly the promise of treats and goodies (all non-food of course!) will be the motivation I need to make this happen!

When creating your own reward system keep in mind of the following:

  1. Not all accomplishments need to be related to the scale. Did you complete all of your booty calls that week? Did you run faster than you had ever run before? Keep track and appreciate all accomplishments. 
  2. Don't reward with food! If one of my rewards was a huge slab of chocolate cake...i think i would be in big trouble. One of the biggest mistakes I think we all make is considering food anything but what it actually is - a fuel source. Food isn't meant to comfort us, or to reward us for our good behaviour...at it's basic level it is meant to supply us with the fuel needed to get ourselves from A to B. I like having fun with my food - experimenting with new recipes, trying out different cultures cuisine... but these are ways in which i keep the excitement of healthy eating going.
  3. Break up your one big goal into smaller goals. Yes, my overall goal is to lose 20 lbs - but that's a long time coming. I can easily lose sight of that goal when I am having a rough day...or week. Instead, I am going to have 5 lbs weight loss rewards. Something that is challenging but realistic. The whole point of this reward system is to keep you motivated to STAY ON TRACK. Just having one BIG goal may make you lose focus early into your challenge. 
  4. Pick rewards that are special for you. My rewards are special to me - they may not excite you or inspire you to keep motivated. Think of what excites you, and what you consider "special" and use those as your own personal reward system. They don't have to have to be an actual object or have a monetary value- things such as going for a hike, taking a cooking class, or trying a new activity are all ways to motivate and reward yourself while still keeping in mind your fitness goals.
  5. Realize that once you have accomplished your weight loss - you're still not done! You need to now maintain that weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Setting maintenance goals is just one more way that you will not only be able to lose it - but keep it off!
 My Goals and Rewards
  1. 5 lbs lost - Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers
  2. 10 lbs lost - Take a vegan/raw cooking class
  3. 15 lbs lost - buy a pair of TOMs
  4. 20 lbs Lost - Going on a shopping Spree! (better start saving up for this one now!)
Other Goals and Rewards

  1. Run 1 mile in under 10 mins - get myself a new ipod (mine is almost 4 years old - and I want a smaller one)
  2. Run for 30 mins straight - Get myself a new pair of running shoes 
  3. Run 5k in under 30 mins - Get an entire workout outfit at LuluLemon!
 Next post I will talk about how to realistically approach and reach your goals through "SMART" planning!

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  1. Awww, looks fun! I love doing the same thing for myself with my goals. Makes it fun!