Sunday, August 28, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle Reading

My partner and I arrived back home from vacation yesterday afternoon. Before we officially made it home, we stopped off at Whole Foods to pick up some dinner. The perfect way to refresh yourself after a week of relaxing (from both work and a diet) is to get some prepared healthy meals.

We picked up veggie kebabs, an "omelet" veggie mix (it had mushrooms, peppers, and spinach - perfect salad!), some organic Kale, and a teensy bit of salad bar food (a chick pea salad for protein and some roasted beets. Unfortunately, they used lots of red pepper flakes, and it was a bit too hot for my liking).

We also purposely made a point to give ourselves one whole day off before getting back to work. Have you ever heard of the saying "I need a vacation from my vacation"? That certainly was the case. I think I have vacay fog. I am going to spend the day prepping for the week ahead - researching better ways to stay on track, organizing a workout schedule, and reading some literature on healthy well being that I picked up while on vacation.

I spent a boat load on these special interest magazines, but I had never seen them before on a traditional news stand so I hoped they were worth the moola:


Well Being Journal - I did a double major of Biological Science and English Literature - so naturally, I gravitated towards this journal - which is actually surprising seeing as how much I loathed journals and having to sift through them to find the one sentence needed to support my argument. This publication isn't too much about "diet and exercise" and more about new research being conducted on how food/nutrition impacts life and lifestyle. It's a good balance between science and hippy-dippy. It's not bright and shiny - with very few photos, and even less colour - but it's a journal not a flashy magazine. What I like a lot is that you can get a PDF version of the magazine for $4 (a savings of $2) online. I think I will consider this option because not every article is pertinent to me, and by opting for paperless, I can print off what is imperative to my health as a young, active, vegetarian woman. Plus, paperless is always a great, eco-friendly option.

Vegetarian Times - I was so excited when I saw this magazine! I am always so dismayed when I see healthy, cooking magazines and the only vegetarian options are the vegetable "side dishes". Not only does this put the Vegetarian cook at the forefront, it offers lots of healthy suggestions on how to maintain and be fulfilled on a vegetarian diet. Just so we all know being vegetarian equate health. Technically potato chips are vegetarian (i wish they weren't, because then I would have a reason not to indulge).  This magazine is a great mix between healthy recipes, fitness tips, and general interest articles on how to have the healthy lifestyle you want.
 Natural Health Magazine 
(please note - not current issue cover)
Natural Health - With a slogan like "feel good ~ look good ~ do good", it's easy to see why I grabbed this magazine. More so than other healthy, well being magazines - this one encompasses the whole, healthy being. Tips and articles range from: the anti-cancer diet, a detox column from Crazy, Sexy, Diet's Kris Carr, how to Reboot, Refresh, Recharge for fall and an article for why Yoga just isn't enough (just a small glance at the magazine - a lot more inside this puppy!)

I rarely indulge in getting a magazine. They are pricey when you consider they fact that they are pretty much disposable. These three magazines that I listed above cost even more than your traditional news stand mag - at about $7 a pop - they can certainly be budget busting when you consider there is a publication almost every month. I justified it last week, because I knew I would want some reading material as I sat out on the dock and it was a way to keep my head in the game - even if my body wasn't listening.

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